Online Casino Regulation

Governments around the world are faced with the complicated task of regulating the Internet and websites and what should be available in each country.

What is legal in one country is not necessarily in another. What is accepted in one culture is not always in another. But the Internet has no borders or passport and it is almost impossible to stop a site from appearting anywhere. For online gaming, even if some countries want to ban such activity, you cannot prevent players from visiting sites related to online gambling if they want to.

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Some countries have tried to ban online casinos and they all arrive at the same conclusions: it is particularly difficult to ban all online casino sites.

For the countries in the European Union, the issue has already been decided by the laws governing service offerings within the European Union. If a site is based in a Member State and has a license that allows it to offer gambling, then he has the right to offer its online games in all countries of the union. A site based in the UK or Malta therefore has the right to offer online casino games in Europe, not just online casino uk or online casino Malta services.

Some countries try to oppose this European directive but the players insist on its enforcement. In fact, the majority of fans of online game and online casino sites or Internet poker especially wish to play on secure and reliable sites. So they tend to want to play on sites in their native language with offers that have support or VIP services in that specific language.

This is also the case for other Internet services, not just online gambling. If a customer has a question about a purchase or delivery, he or she wants to talk to someone who understands their language. It's the same thing for online poker or roulette enthusiasts, they too want to speak to a customer service person in their language.

Governments seeking to limit the use of online casino sites are beginning to understand that it is much more appropriate to allow serious operators specialized in the field of games rather than trying to throw them out of the borders and open the field to fly by night rogue opetators.

Players will benefit from this strategy and if countries like Germany, Canada, Malta, The Netherlands, Spain, Britain and Italy have decided to offer gaming licenses, it is to be able to select the best sites and ensure the best quality of services for the players.

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