The game of Craps comes from the United States. It is played with two dice, generally in casinos, but it is uncommon in French casinos. Its origins are not certain, but it is believed to derive from the English game called hazard.

This game is very popular among the young energetic crowd that likes to have fun while playing with friends or strangers. As you will play with other players and you can bet on the outcome of the player throwing the dice even if you never met him before, craps is a great gambling game for those who enjoy the social aspect of it.

a craps table

A game of craps often appears in movies where some casino action takes place. For example in the movie "The hangover" (2009), the heroes spent some time at a table of craps among their peregrinations. Often beautiful women are to be found at these tables at casinos, as this is where the big money is and high-rollers like to have one on each side.

The word craps (meaning "waste") corresponds to the dice reaching a total that can only be attained by one combination, such as two (1+1), three (2+1) or twelve (6+6).

The other terms in the craps lingo are "hard ways" which are the doubles (2+2), (3+3), (4+4) & (5+5) except the craps (1+1) & (6+6). Eleven is called "pass" and it can only be obtained one way (6+5). Seven is a "natural" and this is the number the most likely, as it can be reached from a (6+1), (5+2) or (4+3). The other numbers are called "points": 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 & 10.

Rules of the game of craps

The shooter is the one to first roll the dice. Before the first shoot, the point is off. The game is played in rounds and the first roll of a new round is called the "come-out roll". It determines how the rest of the round will be played.

If a seven or eleven comes out, the players win, while they lose with a 2, 3 or 12. Otherwise if a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 comes out, more dice rolling will be necessary to decide who wins. This number is referred to as the point and a button is placed on it to remind the players of its value. Then the shooter must roll another point before a seven for the pass-line bettors to win, otherwise they lose.

Even though the rules of craps are simple, it is always at the craps table that there is the most excitement in a casino.

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