Guess the casino game being playing in these 10 movie scenes

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Hollywood movie directors know there's nothing like the sights and sounds of a casino to get cinema-goers' hearts pumping. That's why the likes of blackjack, roulette and poker have featured in countless movie scenes from the past several decades.

But can you recall the exact casino game Alan was playing in the 2009 comedy The Hangover, when he was trying to win enough money to ransom pal Doug back from Mr Chow?

And do you remember the precise card game Agent 007 won against Le Chiffre, when he had highly-toxic poison flowing through his veins in the 2006 Bond hit, Casino Royale?

We've picked out these and a few other scenes from some of the most iconic flicks in cinema history. Check them out to see if you can correctly identify the casino game being played. Mange to identify all 10 casino games and we'll be seriously impressed!

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