Guide to Security of Online Casinos

On this page you can read an in-depth discussion about the security of online casinos. Security is a massive issue when playing at online casino websites. One of the most important things you need to be sure of before you decide to join and deposit into any online casino is that it is going to offer a very secure online gaming experience.

Guts casino is one example of an online casino where security is paramount and where you can play safely. For more information and for latest Guts casino promotions click here. So without any further ado, here is a quick guide on online casino gaming security.

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Depositing into online casinos with a credit card - things you need to know

Depositing with credit cards is one of the most straightforward and safest ways to deposit into online casinos. Most reputable online casinos will have you fill out account registration forms before you start playing any of the real money games. This registration process is done for two reasons.

The first of which is to identify the player signing up and the information contained within is used for sending out checks and the like. The other reason is to ensure the person using the card has legitimate access to the credit card account.

Credit card users are also protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act, which limits the amount a user is liable for, in the unlikely event their card was used for fraudulent purposes.

Are there alternatives to depositing with a credit card?

If you're nervous about giving out your credit card details to online gambling websites, most sites will accept other forms of payment, such as eChecks, money orders, bank transfers, and e-wallet payments, but is this as secure as depositing with a Mastercard or Visa issued credit card?

Even safer than using a credit card are electronic wallets like Neteller and Skrill, because you don't have to share any of your credit/debit card or banking information with the site itself. So, online casino players can feel safe using these alternatives for deposits and withdrawals. That way, you can be completely sure your financial information won't be exposed to unscrupulous operators.

Why do I have to fill out forms to receive my winnings?

The forms you need to fill out prior to being able to cash out are standard procedure at online casinos and done to prevent any fraudulent activity and ensure that the player is the actual person they are claiming to be. It is often seen as a hassle by first time players, but it is in their best interests.

How do I know my information is safe?

Make sure the online casino website is secure. Logging in to most online casino websites simple requires the use of your web browser, like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

As soon as you visit the casino the browser will receive the website's security certificate, and this establishes a secure connection and ensures all the sensitive areas of the online casino are encrypted and kept private when making deposits and withdrawals from the site.

So how do you know if the site is SSL enabled?

Look for a closed padlock on the bottom right of your web browser window which guarantees a secure connection.

How do I spot a rogue online casino?

Over the years, there have been a number of rogue casinos that had no intention on paying their players and will give every excuse under the sun to delay payment in the hopes that you will just give up or continue gambling at the site until you lose all your money.

One of the key indicators of trust at online casinos is shown by the jurisdiction of where they obtained their gaming licenses. Gambling jurisdictions like Costa Rica and even Antigua hand out licenses to new casinos like they are going out of fashion, and as such, this makes these operators much less trustworthy, since they don't meet the same strict criteria as other casinos licensed by more credible jurisdictions like Malta and the United Kingdom.

How do online casinos obtain their licenses?

The process varies from one licensing jurisdiction to the next, but generally speaking the governing body will conduct background checks, solvency checks, software audits, and so on. The good thing about playing at a secure online casino website is that you don't need to worry about how the site got their license, since the online gaming licensing body will publicly reveal the processes involved in obtaining a license.

Are the games fair?

In addition to this, trustworthy casinos will have their random number generator (RNG) tested regularly by third parties such as Technical Systems Testing (TST) to ensure the games are fair, as well as to audit payout percentages. The RNG used for the games is what ensures the spin of the roulette wheel and reels of the slot machine are completely random.

After all is said and done, you want to play at online casinos that use the best software like Microgaming/Playtech/IGT coupled with the best security measures.

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