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Having a party at home and recreating the fun of the Vegas casinos is easy nowadays. All you need to do is find a local company that you can hire casino tables from. You may well be able to get the same company to provide theme props and other theme items to decorate your home of venue in that Las Vegas style.

Note that this will depend in which country you are located and here we refer to the USA, where gambling is a century old tradition. But each country will be different and in some countries it might not be legal to rent casino material. So check first the gambling laws of your country. In the USA running your own casino party is not too difficult, here are some additional suggestions:

  • Select a theme that will compliment the casino table, Vegas is of course the most popular, but there are other great themes, Hollywood and 007 secret agent would be great examples.
  • Always book a quality fun casino hire company, they will be able to provide excellent services including roulette table hire, as well as black jack and poker.
  • Most companies will provide fun money that you can give out to your guests, however, for that extra special touch you can usually pay a little more and have the notes personalized. Its not too expensive and adds a nice touch to the event, as well as being something you can keep as a momento of the occasion.
  • You will need to ensure there is some kind of bar, if you are having the party at home see if you can convince a family member of friend to act as a barman. You could serve classic drinks like Vodka Martini for the 007 theme, or fantastic cocktails for Vegas night! You should also ensure there is a buffet, usually finger foods are best and easy to prepare.
  • Party favours are a great way to say thanks to your guests for coming to your casino party, there are lots of novelty items you could put in a party bag, how about some playing cards, dice, roulette key rings and chocolates?
  • Have some nice glossy casino party invitations printed and insist on a glamourous dress code, evening gowns for the ladies, dinner suits for the guys!

This should be enough ideas to get you started on planning your casino party!

Now you may ask about the slot machines, it is possible to rent them as well. Sorry in general no, as these operate with real money and you would need a casino license to have them in your place. So if you really love the slots and want to offer the possibiltiy to your guests when you make your home casino party, you should have a few computers set up so that they can play online slots. Head to www.allvideoslots.com to create some online casino accounts so that the ones who prefer the slot machines can give it a try.

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