Will Using the James Bond Roulette Strategy Leave You Shaken or Stirred?

Any fan of James Bond movies will have lost count of the times that we've seen him nonchalantly stroll into a glamorous casino dressed in a tuxedo and ready to win. He's obviously a player who's adept at all of the major casino games - for example, we've seen him take the craps table by storm in Diamonds Are Forever, fight for his life in an epic game of high stakes poker in Casino Royale and come out on top in a game of baccarat it Dr No.

But it's ironic that the one game that has an official James Bond strategy, roulette, hardly features at all in the films, though it does play a greater part in Ian Fleming's original books.He's famous for betting on the number 17 black when he does play and, in a strange coincidence, this is the number which saw Sean Connery reportedly win 17 million lire at an Italian casino in 1963 when that same number came up for him three times in a row.

Now if you're planning to try your luck in a real casino or even play one of the many variants of mobile roulette at an online casino like bgo this wouldn't be a very advisable strategy, as the odds of the same number coming up three times in a row is around 50,000 to 1.

But how about using the James Bond roulette strategy instead?

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"Roulette" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by clry2

First, let's briefly explain what it is.

It's best played on a European-style table such as the one you'll find on a site like All Slots Casino as this only has one 0 number compared with the American-style table that has 00 as well.

Assume that you start with a total bankroll of $200 which you then split into three parts of $140, $50 and $10 respectively. First you p, t the $140 on any evens bet, so either on red or black, evens or odds, 1-18 or 19-36. Then you place your $50 bet on any six line block of numbers. Finally you put the remaining $10 on 0.

Then, if the bet fails to win it's time to use the Martingale system in which you double the amounts you bet in order to recoup your losses as well as, hopefully, making a profit.

Unfortunately, while playing on online casinos like bgo it's quite easy to put on combined bets like this one, it's by no means a winning system. That's because it may seem like a killer combination but, in fact, they are simply three separate and unrelated bets which still leave at least 25% of the wheel uncovered.

As for moving on to the Martingale system this, many agree, is a very effective way of losing a great deal of money very quickly. For example it just takes a losing run of just three spins of the wheel and you'll already be $1400 down. Of course, this isn't to say that there aren't many more effective strategies and approaches to roulette - and you'll find a number of them outlined on casinos such as Broadway Roulette.

So while Bond may be a super spy with a killer line in seduction, maybe he should leave the mysteries of the roulette to the real experts and concentrate on thwarting global destruction instead.

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