Where to play online poker

Sadly online poker is not offered at most online casinos.

Fortunately a few online casinos have a general offering, including online poker, online casino games and even bingo, sports betting and more. If you like playing and betting, you might as well have all these games under one roof with the benefit of a universal wallet.

In this category, the best name is Bodog.

The Bodog group includes Bodog Poker, Bodog Casino and Bodog Sports.

Bodog Poker offers a unique bonus program for their new players. Instead of offering the typical 100% bonus offered by most other online poker rooms, Bodog Poker will grant you a 110% bonus, of which 10% available is available immediately. The bonus can reach a maximum value of $ 1,100, which is the largest bonus anywhere in online poker. In additiona Bodog Poker holds plenty of other promotions all year-round, such as the Royal Flush Bonus Bad Beat as well as occasional reload bonus offers.

The software at Bodog is enjoyable and easy to use.

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