Poker Players Turn to Bingo for Bonuses

Recent news that increasing numbers of poker players are turning to online bingo as a search for a different taste of online gaming may have caused surprise some quarters, but not those who are regulars in the online bingo rooms up and down the land. That the poker players decide to give bingo a go in the first place is testament to their adventurous spirit as well as the rigours of online poker, but perhaps even less surprising are the numbers who are deciding to stick with bingo's jackpots and bonuses.

While free poker tournaments are the norm today, poker players are increasingly taken aback with the free bingo model. Many bingo sites are now offering free games, with increasing jackpots. One popular site has revealed its plans to offer a £100,000 guaranteed jackpot on a free game to celebrate its second birthday, and while this is obviously a special promotion, canny players will testify to the bonuses and promotions which are readily available for the intrepid gamer.

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Accessibility is also a key reason for the continued migration between poker and bingo as poker players seek out new jackpots. The mobile gaming revolution has meant that games can be enjoyed anywhere, and players can log on at any time and take part in a host of free games or special promotions that are on offer. Poker has always been more involved, requiring more time to play rounds or tournaments and build a bankroll. In contrast, bingo games are fast and loose and can be over quite quickly, meaning that the jackpots can be won and deposited quicker.

Now, with the ability to play any time anywhere, poker players have been refreshed by the sign-up bonuses and promotions that have long been a part of the online casino model. The sign-up bonuses tend to be smaller for online bingo, as do the jackpots. However, they are more frequent, which allows for several games to be played in the same time one round of poker could be completed.

Poker and bingo players alike are also tending to refer to themselves as gamers, rather than distinguishing between disciplines. The variation offered by providers mean that each game is only a click away, so if a poker player wishes he can quickly access his bingo account, and vice-versa. What unites them both is the desire to chase top jackpots and have fun at the same time - two things which both games can offer in abundance.

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