Online Bingo

Online bingo means the game of bingo played on the Internet. It is estimated that the global gaming market of online bingo is currently a $1.0 billion USD per year market outside the United States.

As for all modern online gaming products, the winning balls are determined by a random number generator. One interesting feature of online bingo is that players can chat among themselves. This interaction promotes a sense of community and helps foster the feeling that a particular room is not a scam as the players can communicate with other players, including the occasional winners.

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Most online bingo sites accept a range of e-wallet funding options, including Citadel, Neteller, Firepay and PrePaidATM. They usually provide various incentives to play, such as bonuses that match a percentage of the players deposit. In the USA new gambling laws limiting banks' ability to process credit cards and preventing payment providers from taking payments for online gaming have hindered online bingo.

Among all the games that have migrated to the Internet, bingo is one of the most popular and for a simple reason. It is the easiest gambling game to play. It does not matter what variation of bingo you are familiar with, 75, 80 or 90 balls, as the rules are essentially the same. The only difference is the number of calls and the way you win.

For example if you buy a 90 ball bingo card, it will contain a grid of 27 numbers, nine on each of three lines. Your grid will be already marked with numbers randomly generated. When the numbers are called by the bingo operator, they are automatically dabbed for you and your result comes automatically as well.

If you get all numbers marked on one line, you win a line. If you get all three lines, you have a full house and get the jackpot. The highest prizes are when you win a so-called progressive jackpot, which has additional conditions beyond getting a full house.

Note that most bingo sites offer bingo bonuses and this an attraction savvy players know about. Another thing to point out is that even thought the game is mostly based on luck, there exist bingo strategies that are employed by the players.

How do you know if online bingo games are fair?

Online bingo sites of good reputation should have been audited by a third party guaranteeing their fairness, and you must verify that this is so before sending a deposit to any bingo site. The software must use a random number generator that has been extensively tested to be sure that there is no way to predict its outcome.

Online Bingo companies incorporate the latest 256-bit encryption technology in order to ensure that all credit card and personal information remains confidential & private. They also rely on secure firewalls to guarantee that their games and all the information on the site is off-limit to hackers. In addition they do not usually store any credit card information in their database.

In order to withdraw your winnings, you need to make a payout request, and you can make one at any time including just after you won a bingo. Your payout requests will be approved, processed and then sent to you by the method that you chose. There are a number of security measures for large payouts exceeding $2,000, such as providing a quotation and a valid photo identification.

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