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The slot machine games are probably the most popular of all casino games.

Slots machines were invented in 1895 by Charles Fey, a San Francisco mechanic. His original creation had three reels and five symbols, spades, horseshoes, hearts, diamonds and a Liberty Bell after which the machines were named.

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But could Charles Fey have predicted the immense success that his invention would have all over the World and for such a long time? Absolutely not. Since his original creation, slot machines have kept on getting more and more innovations and the most recent one is the online slot machine, which has no mechanical part at all.

The online slot machines are one of the main attractions of online casinos nowadays. They are popular among online players because of their high quality graphics and the good chance of winning a large jackpot.

Instead of the mechanical rollers from the traditional slot machines in live casinos, the reels of online slot machines are visible on the screen and they are set off by a button, not the legendary lever.

Everything is run by the program to determine the resulting numbers. Random Number Generators are complicated mathematical algorithms constantly generating random numbers, i.e. numbers that are as close as possible to being purely random. These random numbers are generated at a rate of thousands per second and when the button is pressed, the generator stops and takes the most recent number.

There are two types on slot machines on the Web. Either you download the game software on your computer in order to be able to play, similarly to most online poker games. Or you can also find slot machines directly playable from your browser with no download required.

Modern slot machines are continuously improved and online casinos come up with new game versions & rules and more varied themes, such as Christmas, Halloween or Tom Raider.

Slot machines, and in particular online slot machines encompass a wide range of games depending on location as well. For example the Japanese have recently seen the appearance of online pachinko machines. In Australia slot machines are referred to as "video poker" while in the United Kingdom they are known as "fruit machines".

Many online slots menus provide a large mix of slots games and styles. There are simple like single line slots, classic games with few reels and little to no bonuses, and there are games with numerous bonus options.

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Ever wondered where slot machines began? From the humble fruit machines, all the way to the world of slots online. An estimated 85% of casino's revenues come from slots, so let's take a look at where, when, and how it all started.

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