What are the online casino tournaments

Online casino tournaments are a fun way to play casino games with a competitive spirit. As the rise of poker tournaments has brought tournaments in the forefront, online casinos now also offer tournaments for other games beyond online poker.

Online Casino Tournaments

This new form of gaming has many advantages and brings diversity to your gambling experience.

One advantage is that you know from the start that your bet is limited in size, as these tournaments have a fixed entry fee. So if you have a tendency to wager more than you planned for online games, play tournaments instead.

Another benefit is that the payout maybe more rewarding than the payoff from playing the game normally. For example, GoCasino has a regular "Weekend Madness" tournament that has a guarantee of $30,000. The entry fee is $10, but the first prize is $10,000; a nice payout. This tournament is played on Vampire Vixen.

Another reason to play tournaments is that it is a way to learn the game at reduced cost.

Online blackjack tournaments

For example Blackjack tournaments are played all over the Web and at live casinos as well.

Even with a very small house edge, it is hard to make money from Blackjack. But if you play at a tournament, you compete against other players. And you can win a lot of money this time as the top players get the lion share of the prize pool.

Online Blackjack Tournaments exist either as scheduled event or Sit and Go's. In a scheduled multiplayer tournament, the time when the tournament starts is fixed. For a sit'n go, the tournament only starts when all seats are filled.

Card counting is allowed at blackjack tournament, so come in and play if you are a card counter.

Good luck at the casino tables.

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