The Strategies Linking Bingo and Poker

There may have been a time when suggesting poker and bingo belonged in the same bracket would have brought derision from both sets of players. Both games have different histories and traditions, their players share different ideas and playing styles. However, when it comes to strategy, increasing numbers of poker players are turning to their bingo cousin for inspiration.

Poker players will well be au fait with the term, "fast and loose", and will do their best to avoid such play in high tension games of Texas Hold 'em. In online bingo, however, playing at full tilt is the best strategy there is. The quicker those numbers are daubed off the cards the better, and it takes mental agility to be able to monitor all cards simultaneously.

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As the migration between bingo and poker players online has proved, moving to another game is a good strategy to keep eyes fresh for those favourites. More and more bingo sites are offering side games like Roulette Deluxe - itself a new take on a game with which poker players may well be familiar - to give their players the chance to refresh themselves before heading back into the busy bingo rooms for another round.

Here, the online game has something over its land-based counterpart, as auto-daub features offered by bingo providers allow players to chase big winnings without the danger of losing focus.

This focus is another key strategy for both poker and bingo players. Those familiar with poker tables will recognise the need to select the right tournament to give themselves the best chance of winning, and bingo is no different. It is all very well chasing big jackpots as the big money draws are the most alluring, but in terms of strategy it pays to look out for the less popular games. Most online bingo sites list the number of players in each room, giving browsers a good idea of the probability of winning in each room.

Ensuring the best chance of winning is a key factor in building a bankroll - another tactic essential in poker. In bingo, just as in its table-based cousin, utilising a bankroll to gain access to more profitable games will ensure success is more than just a short-lived feeling. Only then, with confidence and prizes under their belts, will players return to the bingo and poker sites, ready to take on the table or the house in search of even bigger prizes.

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